Coursed Family Style

our standard method of serving. carefully served and beautifully presented. each course is brought to the dining table on one or more communal platters, one course at a time.

Table Service

$55 per person. available by special request. this includes the chef(s) individually plating each course, serving each course and clearing each course.

Service Staff

through our table service option, we often don’t need food servers. this decision has been working beautifully for years. it’s often more efficient, reduces costs, and some clients like talking to the chefs. however, some events require food servers due to the size of the group, and depending on the location of your event, we may be able to help you secure servers.

Wine & Wine Services

our wine partners provide us, and our clients with access to wines which are selected by their sommeliers to pair with our food. the wines come in 3, 6 and 12 packs, and ship overnight in california. if you’d like to discuss, let us know, and we’ll provide you a link to browse the selections. if you’d like wine served by a sommelier, or a wine professional, we’ve got you covered. if you have your own collection of fine and rare wine, our many colleagues work with, and handle these types of wines for a living and are available to join us at your event.

Serving & Dining Ware

we do not carry serving or dining ware. if additional items are needed, we recommend bright rentals. once your menu is chosen, we’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need right down to each utensil. some clients have everything needed, and some need additional items. if you’re renting a venue, you can send the host what’s needed, and determine if rental items are necessary.

Table Setting

$10 per person. some clients enjoy setting the dining table, and other times they’d like us to. whether it’s your home, or you are renting a venue or a house, we’re able to accommodate you so you can spend time with your company. we are not table decorators, but we know many, and we’re happy to connect you.

Added Courses

added courses are for clients who may want to have a more extensive menu or different options due to preferences or aversions (not allergies). there are no charges for any of your guests who have allergies and require menu changes.

$15 per person for one added canapé
$30 per person for one added first course
$30 per person for one added second course
$40 per person for one added main course
$30 per person for one added dessert

Custom Menu

a flat rate of $75 for 3 courses + $25 for each additional course. this means we’re creating a menu, or menu items for you from scratch, which are not on the menu above. This flat rate is not a per person rate.


all chefs are legally certified and licensed to serve food in the state of california as shown on on the department of public health website.

cancellation policy

If the client cancels the event 10 days (240 hours) or less for reasons outside of their control (illness, natural disaster) mise en place keeps the full deposit. If the client reschedules at the time of cancellation, or intends to reschedule within one year from the date of the event planned, 75% of that deposit goes toward that event.

If the client cancels the event due to circumstances that do not include illness or natural disaster, and is less than 10 days (240 hours) before the event, mise en place keeps the full deposit. If the client reschedules at the time of cancellation or intends to reschedule, within 6 months from the date of the event planned, 50% of that deposit goes toward that event.