Services We Provide

Personal Chefs

Our chefs come to your home or venue and prepare food with the same level of care and execution you’d experience at a 1 Star Michelin restaurant. This might be a small gathering or a 100 person wedding.

Special Event Catering

The same as our Personal Chefs description, but for larger gatherings that might require more planning and services. Weddings, multi-day events, and corporate off-sites are a few examples. We can accommodate groups of up to 100 people.

Cocktail Party Events

Our chefs come to your home or venue and prepare items from our Cocktail Party Menu. All menu items are 1-2 bites, and designed so there’s no utensils or flatware needed. This enables your guests to have as much food as they’d like while socializing. We freshly prepare and serve food for the duration of your event. Typically, the only thing your guests would need is a cocktail napkin. If you’d like your guests to have the same amount of food as a sit down meal, we may suggest the use of small plates so they can leave satiated.

Cooking Classes​

Our chefs come to your home or venue and cook with you. Most cooking classes you’ll find involve recipes, and over-instruction, where actual learning varies widely. As restaurant chefs, we draw from the fundamentals and combine our instincts in order to make truly great food. When we cook with you, versus instructing you, you’ll learn techniques and how to use instinct, which provides immediate learning. Depending on your interests or cooking experience, we may encourage that we utilize the equipment you already own to make food that’s more enjoyable. Or, you may already have a strong cooking foundation, but want to broaden your repertoire and learn more advanced techniques found in Michelin star restaurants. Learning at this level is more customized to your interests. It might include composing multi-course meals, seasoning, aging, sauce making, plating techniques, utilizing immersion circulators (sous vide), butchering small sections of meat or fish, or learning to create more enjoyable plant-based preparations.


Ticketed dinners and events in the San Francisco Bay Area and across Los Angeles. Sign up for our emails, follow us on Instagram and Tock to be the first to know about what we’re up to, and where.

Restaurant Consulting

We’ve spent our careers working among many of the world’s most well-regarded restaurants, and offer a full range of consulting services. Combined, our team has worked at 19 different Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Paris, Copenhagen, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Our services span four areas described below.

Business & Managerial – Website development, email marketing, technological optimization and integrations for communication, payroll, scheduling, bookkeeping, hiring and staffing, accounting, and other technical work designed to make this difficult area far easier. We’ll make sure you’re set up for success in these areas and more.

Front of House – Support and training for food runners, back waiters, servers/captains, hosts, wine stewards/sommeliers, bartenders, and managers. This area of work is designed to provide immediate results that management and ownership can utilize for a lifetime. Your goals will determine the work we do together, whether it’s boosting morale, improving communication, earning a Bib Gourmand, or 1-3 Michelin stars.

Back of House – Recipe and menu development, butchering, food costing, equipment recommendations, station layout, and organization, expediting, communication with the front of house, food prep, service, and breakdown.

Farming – One of our team members has been farming for nearly two decades. If you want to grow a few items on a rooftop, along a wall in your restaurant, or raise animals and grow as much produce as you can in a truly sustainable way, you’ve found the right partner.

Chef Prepared - Coming Soon...​

Choose from a wide variety of items with ingredients sourced from our purveyors, and composed by our chefs. Selections will range from items that are ready to eat to a chef kit that has all the necessary ingredients and detailed instructions for you to compose one or more preparations with ease.

Event Specific Services

Coursed Family Style

Our standard method of serving. each course is brought to the dining table on one or more communal platters, one course at a time. Carefully served and beautifully presented.

Table Service​

$50 per person. Available by special request. This includes the chef(s) individually plating each course, serving each course, and clearing each course. This also eliminates the need and cost of food servers and is more efficient. If your group is larger than 30 people or wants wine and beverage service, see service staff below.

Service Staff

$300 for one service staff member is our base price, and available by special request. If your event requires, or you’d like one or more service staff members to serve food, and/or provide wine and beverage service, we can provide a team member, including a wine steward/sommelier. Please inquire with us before booking your event.

Wine & Wine Services

Our wine partners provide us, and our clients with access to wines that are selected by sommeliers to pair with our food. The wines come in 3, 6, and 12 packs, and ship in 3 business days in California. 12 bottles are the minimum order. prices begin at $400.

If you have your own collection of fine and rare wine and would like to discuss different service options, we will connect you directly with them. Many are Certified Sommeliers and/or WSET Certificate holders.

Serving & Dining Ware

We do not carry serving or dining ware. If additional items are needed, we recommend bright rentals. Once your menu is chosen, we’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need right down to each utensil. Some clients have everything needed, and some need additional items. If you’re renting a venue, you can send the host what’s needed, and determine if rental items are necessary.

Table Setting

$10 per person. This includes us setting your table with dinner plates, flatware, napkins, and water glasses. If table or other decor is needed, please inquire with us.

Custom Menu

$100. This is for clients who would like our chefs to create a custom menu of 3 or more courses.


All chefs are legally certified and licensed to prepare and serve food in the state of California by the Department of Public Health.

Cancellation Policy

If the client cancels the event 10 days (240 hours) or less for reasons outside of their control (illness, natural disaster) mise en place keeps the full deposit. If the client reschedules at the time of cancellation or intends to reschedule within one year from the date of the event planned, 75% of that deposit goes toward that event.

If the client cancels the event due to circumstances that do not include illness or natural disaster and is less than 10 days (240 hours) before the event, mise en place keeps the full deposit. If the client reschedules at the time of cancellation or intends to reschedule, within 6 months from the date of the event planned, 50% of that deposit goes toward that event.