Mise En Place

“After a good dinner,
one can forgive anybody, even one’s relatives”

-Oscar Wilde

Mise En Place (meez ahn plahs) was born from an enthusiasm to cook outstanding food for people who appreciate careful preparation and thoughtful execution in their home, or venue of choice. Over the years we’ve expanded to include chefs that share this vision who’ve worked among the top restaurants in the country such as The French Laundry, Gary Danko, Alinea, Zuni Cafe, Park Tavern, Momofuku, Spruce, and Nightbird among many others. We look forward to cooking for you.

Dan Petrie cooking at a catering event

How It Works

First, Choose Your Experience

Dinner Partyinvite your friends over but remove the responsibility of having to execute the meal on your own.

 Special EventIf you’re having a wedding shower, birthday celebration or a special gathering, we can customize a menu to your exact specifications.

Cooking Classif you’re a curious foodie looking to replicate something you’ve had at a restaurant, or add to your culinary repertoire, we can show you. You’ll learn knife skills, cooking techniques, flavor combinations among many other new skills. Experience concludes with sitting down for a meal together.

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